Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for teens. In fact, Dr. Beitchman has treated hundreds of adults at our San Antonio and Boerne orthodontic offices. Many of our adult patients choose to undergo treatment because they understand the connection between straight teeth and healthy teeth, in addition to wanting to improve their confidence. With so many adults choosing orthodontics, Dr. Beitchman and our team have customized many of our treatments to meet their unique needs.

What’s the difference between treatment for adults and treatment for children?

When treating adults, Dr. Beitchman may have to use more creative solutions to obtain the desired results. In young patients, the jawbones are still developing, which makes them easier to manipulate. The jawbones in adults patients have stopped growing, which may make orthodontic treatment take longer or orthognathic surgery necessary to align the jawbones. In the end, the results will be the same—a healthy, beautiful, long-lasting smile!

Why choose to undergo orthodontics as an adult?

Achieving a beautiful smile is usually the first thing that comes to our adult patients’ minds when they consider orthodontics, but the health benefits are just as important.

  • Adults are more likely to experience gum recession or even bone loss due to gingivitis or advanced periodontal disease. Patients with straighter teeth are less likely to get gum disease.
  • Over time, teeth can wear down and shift into different positions that can only be corrected with orthodontic care.
  • Missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift and tilt, creating a bad bite and increasing the possibility of gum disease, jaw problems, and bone loss.

Braces for Adults at Beitchman Orthodontics

When it comes to orthodontic treatment for adults, aesthetic braces are the most popular. In addition to clear/ceramic braces, which use tooth-colored material for the brackets, Dr. Beitchman also offers Invisalign® clear aligners for a truly invisible treatment option.

Dr. Beitchman has built his treatment philosophy on more than 30 years of experience, which he combines with modern technology to significantly reduce treatment times.

  • OrthoPulse® lets patients obtain beautiful results in much less time than with traditional treatment. The take-home device uses low levels of light energy to stimulate the bone surrounding the roots of the teeth and facilitate tooth movement.
  • Propel Orthodontics accelerates treatment with an in-office procedure that works with the body’s own biology to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth.

Choosing to receive orthodontic treatment is an investment in you: your health, your confidence, and your happiness. Learn more about our adult orthodontic options during your free consultation at our San Antonio or Boerne offices.



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