Meet Dr. Kevin J. Beitchman, DDS, MS

Creating Healthy, Amazing Smiles

I love helping my patients attain their smile goals, one person at a time. Each person brings a wonderful, unique personality to our office, along with specific orthodontic challenges. As I work with them to create a healthy smile, I get to know who they are. Our conversations are always interesting and I find I learn from what my patients share with me.

Being an orthodontist is more than creating beautiful smiles. By gently moving a person’s teeth into the correct positions, I’m making it easier for proper brushing and flossing. This means a decreased likelihood of future dental disease. I’m also creating a good bite, which means less chance of muscle issues in the jaw, face, and neck.

My days are spent surrounded by laughter and beautiful smiles. I love what I do! Dr. Kevin Beitchman

Education and Continuing Education

Dr. Beitchman served on the faculty of the Orthodontic department at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.

Orthodontics is a constantly evolving field. In order to stay current on new technologies and treatments, Dr. Beitchman takes continuing education courses throughout the year. This ensures he’s able to provide his patients with the highest level of care, and create most incredible smiles for each of them.

Professional Memberships

Personal Life

Dr. Beitchman and his wife, Linda, have two children, Joshua and Hope, who are fourth-generation San Antonians.

Sponsorships and Community Involvement

Since 1994, Dr. Beitchman and his wife are active supporters of education, believing all children deserve access to quality educational activities:

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